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It lets you choose between Bluetooth audio and built-in alarm tones, and its battery backup ensures it works in case of power failures.Online shopping a variety of best projection alarm clocks at Buy cheap star projector alarm clock online from China today.If you choose, you may have the time projected from the clock on to a wall or ceiling so it can easily be viewed.

Clock displays indoor temp and date, and has LED backlight and alarm with snooze.

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NOTICE: The Atomic Clock in these devices will ONLY automatically set itself if located in the 48 contiguous US States and a few northern Mexican states and lower Canadian provinces.

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This projection alarm clock illuminates the time onto your ceiling for a futuristic feel.

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A glowing alarm clock is a classic accessory for the bedroom.

No need to turn your head to see the time with this little Lumo Projection Alarm Clock.Before turning in for the night, set your alarm and let our Projection Alarm Clock be your wake-up call.You may adjust the orientation and size of the projection with ease.

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Make your wake-up more enjoyable with this essential projection alarm clock.

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A projection clock (also called ceiling clock) is an analog or digital clock equipped with a projector that creates an enlarged image of the clock face on any suitable projection screen, most often the ceiling.If you hate normal alarm clocks that beep at you, you may want to try a wake-up light alarm clock.This starry night projection alarm clock, can be used to display time, date and tempreature.

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Alarm clocks have become a necessity for many in modern society.

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Wesco Limited, a toy manufacturer in Cheshire, England, will later this year release release a projection alarm clock in the shape of the popular Star Wars R2-D2 character.Clock receives accurate atomic time for updates and will reset for Daylight saving time.

Waking up in the morning just got a little easier with the HoMedics SoundSpa Recharged Projection Alarm Clock with Temperature Sensor.These are often the only gadgets that stand between us and an important early morning meeting missed because we slept too late.It features a rotating arm which projects the time on the wall or on the ceiling.Never before has a dinosaur living in your bedroom been so cool.

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